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How do we work with donations?

We are not like most companies. We will not badger you for donations or bombard you to send your hard earned money to charity. We strongly believe that this has to be your own choice and lets face it, most of us already support so many great causes and we thank you for any charity support you give and have given both to date and in the future. 

If you do not wish to donate, that is also not a problem but we do ask that if you are not in a position to donate then please share our site on social media, with your friends and family and pass on the love to all animals who deserve the best lives possible. 

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So how can I make a donation?

Donate directly to your chosen charity: Once you have decided a charity to donate to, you can always make donations directly to that chosen charity. We have links to each charity on our website for direct donations. This makes a huge impact directly to your chosen charity.

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Donate directly to our fund bucket:  We oversee the distribution of donations to multiple charities each month via our “Fund Bucket”. By this we mean that by donating to our Fund Bucket we will distribute the total amount each month to various charities and animal related fund raisers. Meaning that your money can go to many great causes. 

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